Spring Festival of Ba Be cages

NDĐT - In the morning of February 14 (news on January 10, Ky Hoi 2019), in Bo Lu village, Nam Mau commune, Ba Be district People's Committee coordinated with Bac Can Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism to organize the opening ceremony. Ba Be cages festival in 2019.

Spring Festival of Ba Be cages

Communes and towns receive and offer offerings for a peaceful new year.

As usual, on the 10th of January every year, Ba Be caged festival (down the field) is again held on Ba Be Lake, a special national monument. This is one of the largest cage festivals in the northern mountainous provinces, which is recognized as a national intangible cultural heritage. This year's Spring Festival takes place in dry and favorable weather. Right from the early morning, tens of thousands of ethnic people in the most beautiful costumes from the districts in the province, some neighboring communes in Tuyen Quang and Cao Bang, representatives of the districts in the province and large numbers of tourists welcomed the visitors. flock to the meeting.

This year 's cage festival consists of a ceremony and a festival of ancient agricultural rituals, opening a new production season. The opening is a ceremony with a procession of offering procession, offering ceremony of 16 communes and towns in Ba Be district, offering the gods a new year of good rain, good harvest, prosperous and peaceful people. . The festival has a program of music, unicorn dancing, launching also festivals, sports competitions, longer stitches, thick cake competitions ... Especially, the festival also has folk games, such as: blindfolded to catch goats, tug of war, also launched, canoe racing, fighting goats .... Each commune in the district set up a camp in beautifully decorated festivals, displaying the most typical produce of their locality.

Spring Festival of Ba Be cages

Coming to the festival, visitors have the opportunity to visit Ba Be National Park, Pac Ngoi Cultural Village, Bo Lu, Ba Be Lake, An Ma Temple, Hua Ma Cave, Old Town Pagoda ... At the same time, listen to the artisans, local people performed Then songs and Khèn dance; indulge in local cuisine, such as: heaven cakes, banh chung, rice lam, sli ... or shop for souvenirs, such as: Tinh, ethnic costumes ... to better understand the life and traditional culture of people live in Ba Be Lake area. The festival is an opportunity for communes in Ba Be district and other districts to exchange, increase solidarity and create a spirit of production in the new year.

To ensure the safe and healthy Spring Festival, the Organizing Committee has fully prepared the conditions on facilities, equipment and services; building a plan to protect traffic order and safety, especially circulation by canoe on Ba Be lake, protecting health, environmental sanitation, lighting power lines for festivals; stipulate the fee level, prepare all kinds of tickets and receipts as prescribed.

The Ba Be Spring Festival takes place until the end of February 14.