Xuan Duong Love Market

On the occasion of March 25 (lunar calendar) every year, not only young men and women, but also men and middle-aged women from all villages in Na Ry district and people in the vicinity of Lang Son, Thai Nguyen ... also jubilantly attended the traditional cultural festival of Xuan Duong commune - Xuan Duong love market. Xuan Duong Love Market has appeared in the Tay - Nung community in Xuan Duong commune (Na Ri district) for many generations and it has become an indispensable spiritual dish of the ethnic groups here. 
 Xuan Duong love market has existed for hundreds of years, associated with the emotional enthusiasm of the couple.
  Coming to Xuan Duong love market, guests from everywhere will enjoy sweet, then, sli, glute and lyrical tunes and enjoy the culinary culture of the Tay and Nung people with fancy but bold dishes. the taste of Xuan Duong mountain forest, such as: ant egg pudding, pudding, wormwood cake ... Visitors will be able to participate in folk games such as: ticking, tossing, walking on stilts ...
Some pictures of the day Cultural Festival of Xuan Duong commune - Market of Xuan Duong province:

Young women in traditional costumes go to the carnival

The old men and women also met and sang love songs (sli singing)

Performed traditional dances Performing

and exchanging sports Youth


Camp fire