"Pocket now" travel experience Bac Kan from A - Z

Bac Kan is located in the northeast of Vietnam with mountainous terrain so it is very attractive for young people who like to go on a trip and conquer the peak. Now let's explore immediately the most complete and detailed Bac Kan travel experience through the following article with VNTRIP.VN to know where to go, what to eat when you come here!

                                    Carpentry corner of Bac Kan mountain road (photo collection)

Bac Kan is a province rich in tourism potential because of the richness of natural resources, minerals and culture imbued with the national identity of the northeastern mountainous region of Vietnam. Bac Kan is naturally endowed with many potentials for socio-economic development with rich forest resources, forest land, minerals and Ba Be National Park, where Ba Be Lake is one of the 20 large freshwater lakes. In the world…

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  • 1 What is the best time to travel to Bac Kan?
  • 2 Transportation to Bac Kan
  • 3 Certain places to visit in Bac Kan
    • 3.1 Ba Be National Park
    • 3.2 Ba Be Lake
    • 3.3 Fairy Cave
    • 3.4 Dau Dang Waterfall
    • 3.5 ATK Bac Kan Historical Relic Area
    • 3.6 Pac Ngoi tourist map
  • 4 Which hotel should you choose in Bac Kan?
    • 4.1 Xoi Homestay Ba Be 
    • 4.2 Minh Quang homestay
    • 4.3 Paradise Hotel
  • 5 What to eat in Bac Kan
    • 5.1 Grilled fish, grilled shrimp Ba Be
    • 5.2 Roast suckling pig
    • 5.3 Bac Kan ribs
  • 6 What special gifts to buy when traveling to Bac Kan?

What is the best time to travel to Bac Kan?

The climate in Bac Kan is very cool so you can go at any time of the year, but the most ideal time is in the summer (July to July) because this is the time when Bac Kan has great natural scenery. most magical.

Transportation to Bac Kan

From Hanoi to Bac Kan about 150km, you can choose transportation such as motorbike, private car or bus. 

Private motorbike / car (Both roads are the same length):

  • Option 1: From the inner city, drive straight towards Nhat Tan Bridge and go on Highway 3, go straight ahead in this direction to reach Bac Kan Province.
  • Option 2: From the inner city, move in the direction of Ring Road 3, up to Thanh Tri Bridge, when crossing the bridge go towards the Hanoi - Thai Nguyen Expressway, turn to Thai Nguyen City and turn to Highway 3 and continue on The road is about 70km away from Bac Kan province.

Passenger car:  Bus to Hanoi - Bac Kan mainly comes from My Dinh wharf, you can choose direct routes to Bac Kan or refer to the bus routes to Cao Bang because this route also runs through a score in Bắc Kạn. The ride takes about 4 hours, the average ticket price is from 100,000 VND - 170,000 VND / person, some reputable car houses that you can choose such as Thuong Nga, Duy Cuong, Khoa Man, Hung Thanh ...

Certain places to visit in Bac Kan

Ba Be National Park

                                               Ba Be National Park (photo collection)

Ba Be National Park is an ideal eco-tourism destination in Bac Kan with interesting scenery and biodiversity. With a total area of ​​10,048 hectares, Ba Be National Park is a complex of rivers, lakes, and forests on limestone mountains, which is also a place for conservation of many rare and precious species of plants and animals. In 2003, Ba Be National Park was recognized as an ASEAN Heritage Park. You can refer to the service price list at the service price list in Ba Be National Park such as: Adult ticket 60,000 VND / time, student ticket 20,000 VND / time, ticket for students 10,000 VND / time , priority tickets for the elderly and disabled VND 30,000 / time.

Ba Be Lake

                                                         Ba Be Lake (photo collection)

Ba Be Lake is the most famous tourist destination in Bac Kan, located in the center of Ba Be National Park, the height of the lake is about 178 m above sea level, with a length of up to 8km and a width of 500m, here is the largest and highest natural freshwater lake in Vietnam. Surrounding the lake are majestic limestone mountains silhouetted against a calm, poetic lake surface like "Ha Long Bay on the mountain". Located in the area of ​​the lake there is also a 300-meter-long Puong cave with a height of over 30 meters with standing cliffs and many stalactites of various shapes and colors. Ba Be Lake has a unique geology, the whole scene is like a water-color painting captivating visitors.

Fairy Cave

                                                     Fairy Cave (photo collection)

Nang Tien cave in Luong Ha commune, Na Ri district, (about 62km from Bac Kan city center). According to the legend told by the people, this is an overnight stay of 7 fairies when they are busy so they cannot return to heaven because it is already dark. Fairy cave is a natural cave, deep in the mountains about 60m, bringing a sense of magic and mystery. Going deep into the cave, visitors will admire many beautiful scenes created by fanciful stalactites, interesting columns and fascinating stalagmites.

Dau Dang Waterfall

                                                     Dau Dang Waterfall (photo collection)

Dau Dang Waterfall is the next place that Vntrip.vn adds to your self-sufficient travel experience of Bac Kan by its majesty and splendor. The Nang River is blocked by hundreds of large and small rocks stacked on a slope of about 500m, dividing the water stream into several fast flowing streams forming a magnificent three-level waterfall, each cascading cascade separated from 3 -4m in length.

Bac Kan ATK historic site

                                                        Historical ATK (photo collection)

If you are passionate about learning about national history, please visit the ATK historical area, this is the place where Uncle Ho and his patriotic soldiers lived to discuss the war in the past. Come here to explore the old stilt houses and where Uncle Ho works.

Pac Ngoi tourist resort

                                                    Pac Ngoi village (photo collection)

Pac Ngoi cultural tourism village, Nam Mau commune, Ba Be district is the stilt house of the Tay ethnic group on the banks of Lèng river adjacent to Ba Be lake. All people in the village are Tay people, in the village still retain some houses with very unique ancient architecture. Most people here are traveling, here you can sleep on stilts, go sightseeing boat, ...

Which hotel should i choose in Bac Kan?

Some of the Bac Kan hotels below are favored by Vntrip.vn customers, you can refer to the accommodation when traveling to Bac Kan.

Xoi Homestay Ba Be 

  • Address: Pac Ngoi, Nam Mau, Ba Be, Bac Kan
  • Room price: 500,000d

Minh Quang homestay

  • Address: Pac Ngoi, Nam Mau, Ba Be, Bac Kan
  • Room rate: 100,000 VND - 300,000 VND

Paradise Hotel

  • Address: Nam Doi Than, Nong Thuong, Bac Kan City
  • Room rate: 300,000 - 500,000 VND

What to eat in Bac Kan?

Besides admiring the poetic natural scenery of Bac Kan, do not forget to try the unique local dishes here. Vntrip.vn would like to introduce you to some Bac Kan specialties below that you should try once.

Grilled fish, grilled shrimp Ba Be

                                        Grilled fish, grilled shrimp Ba Be (photo collection)

There are many fish and shrimps in Ba Be lake, often caught by local people. The quantity of fish is not much, but the quality is great because the meat is white, firm and sweet. Just lightly cooked just to taste and taste the best.

Roasted suckling pig

                                                      Roasted suckling pig (photo collection)

Pigs are cleaned and then roasted on embers. When he rotates, he often wipes the pig with a towel so that the skin of the pig outside will not burn, when the pig is almost ripe, he uses a pierced tattoo to let water and fat flow. When the meat is cooked, the aroma of balsamic leaves, the greasy taste of the barbecue, the marinated pieces of meat are deeply marinated, eaten once will remember forever.

Bac Kan ribs

                                                 Bac Kan ribs (photo collection)

Ribs is a famous dish in Bac Kan, made by the hands of local people, the sausages have the smell of highland sunshine, the smell of kitchen smoke, the smell of ginger, alcohol, the smell of honey. especially. The toughness of the heart, the sweetness of lean meat, the fat of the fat mingle together, and it tastes good. After a little more wine, the more you like it.

There are also many delicious specialties in Bac Kan such as Ba Be sour shrimp, molasses pancakes, humiliation stitched pork, kitchen pork, pang cake, Na Ri dong vermicelli, bamboo shoots, wormwood, plum jam ...

Buy special gifts when traveling Bac Kan?

According to the Bac Kan travel experience of Vntrip.vn, when traveling here, you can buy some typical specialties of the locals here such as smoked ribs, big meat in the kitchen, vermicelli, plum jam. , ... as a gift for friends and family members offline.

Above are all the best and most detailed travel experiences in Bac Kan that Vntrip.vn has summarized. Hopefully all these experiences will help you have a Bac Kan trip with lots of fun and great experiences.