How to make wormwood cake - a famous dish of Tay people

Wormwood cake is a famous specialty of the Tay people! Green wormwood cake, fragrant with wormwood flavor characteristic wormwood, extremely delicious.


+ Wormwood leaves 100 gr

+ Black sesame 2 tbsp

+ Cooking oil 2 tablespoons

+ Dried coconut 10 gr

+ 150gr sticky rice, using upland rice will be more delicious!

+ Red sugar 200 gr

+ Cooking oil 2 tablespoons

+ Peanuts 10 gr


1. To make wormwood leaves, first break the wormwood leaves, choose the best, freshest wormwood leaves and cook wormwood leaves for 2 to 3 hours. When the wormwood has grown, dump the wormwood in a clean basket, rinse several times to remove the ash water.

wormwood leaves

Making wormwood cake, this part of the wormwood leaves have been simmering, so you need to remove all the veins of the wormwood leaves.


Tip: To get clean ashes, use ashes from bamboo or green bean shell ash. Because wormwood leaves are cooked in the ash water very quickly and gives the wormwood a beautiful color.

2. Glutinous rice washed, soaked in water for 3-5 hours. Then you bring glutinous rice to map sticky rice. Ripe ripe, when you are still hot, grind them evenly in the mortar and crushed wormwood. To soft wormwood cake, you definitely must not mix sticky rice into sticky rice first home!

Glutinous rice wash clean

3. Once the wormwood paste is made, use your hands to squeeze it into small, round wormwood cakes.

Use your hands to squeeze into small, round wormwood cakes.

4. Roasted sesame / black sesame with peanuts / peanuts. Then you crush the peanuts mixture, and then mixed with red sugar, coconut to make wormwood cake. Then you put the wormwood filling inside the cakes, and then turn into small flat cakes!

Roasted sesame / black sesame with peanuts / peanuts

5. After the wormwood cake mixture is finished, apply a little oil on both sides of the cake so the wormwood will not stick to each other and create a smooth, smooth eyes!

 Apply a little oil on both sides of the cake

6. Finally, add the molded wormwood to steamed water. Steamed buns only steam for about 5 minutes from boiling water in the basket. Cake cooked evenly, hot you take out, let cool. Invite the whole family to enjoy it!

 Add the steamed wormwood to steamed water

Finished products

Wormwood Cake

Wormwood cake is a specialty of Tay Lang Son people with many variations, the Tay can make wormwood cake with or without kernel. If the wormwood cake is not filling, people dot it with sugar and mix sesame seeds. If the wormwood cake has a filling, it will taste better without adding anything to it. Any cake is delicious, well imbued with the ingenuity and assurance of the Tay women.

Wormwood cake attracts people by the fragrant taste of glutinous rice flour, no longer the bitter taste of wormwood anymore but extremely easy to eat, cool and not sick. When you eat, you will feel the sticky taste of sticky rice, sweetness of the kernel and a little numbness of wormwood leaves.

In particular, wormwood cake is made from mugwort, a medicinal plant that helps regulate blood flow, pregnancy, fight headaches, flu ... very well! On cool days, why not try making this delicious wormwood cake for the whole family to enjoy? I wish you success of wormwood cake!