Ba Be sour shrimp - Bac Kan specialty

Sour shrimp is a delicious dish, present in many places and many processing areas, but sour shrimp in Khang Ninh-Ba Be has a very unique flavor of the mountainous region of Vietnam. Travelers to Bac Kan and not enjoying Ba Be sour shrimp are really regrettable.

Currently, every 5 days a sour shrimp meal is sold at Khang Ninh market (on the way visitors to visit Ba Be Lake) because it is not only a familiar dish of mountainous people but it has been visited by many tourists. known visitors cross.

Ba Be sour shrimp

In this region, people often eat sour shrimp with pork feet or boiled pork belly, a plate of sour star fruit, pork ears, green bananas, clove buds, deep leaves (trees in the forest) ... Come here in the midst of Ba Be's cloudless sky, sipping sour shrimp and adding a small cup of corn wine, you will see the feeling of soft lightness, imbued with the fatty taste of meat, the spicy of chili and garlic. The aromatic flavors of galangal, deep buds and the sweetness of shrimp are interesting.

Ba Be sour shrimp

Surely you will be curious to know how to process Ba Be sour shrimp that has such a rich taste. Firstly, the way to choose shrimp: the shrimp must make sour sauce evenly, we are round, fat, short beard.

The newly caught shrimp is still jumping around, picking up all the rubbish, washing the beard and draining it to salt; cooked sticky rice (choose the kind of sticky rice with the regular round grain), unload the cool shelf then mix with enamel leaves, time to infuse yeast depends on the secret of each family; Garlic, chilli, galangal each a little crushed finely chopped. then mix shrimp, sticky rice and spices poured into a covered jar after 7 to 10 days (according to the weather in each season) the one who seasoned it with extra pepper, sugar, and monosodium glutamate. After a tour of Ba Be, visitors can buy a few jars of sour shrimp to eat or give to their relatives.