Bac Kan's humiliation - a strong mountainous flavor

Cuisine is a factor that makes the attraction of Bac Kan tourism. There are countless delicious and unique dishes. One of them is "suture" - a traditional dish often used to treat guests or on occasions of great holidays.

Bac Kan's humiliation - a strong mountainous flavor

Dish Suck

1. Origin of Dishwasher in Bac Kan

Humiliation is a dish of Nung people who migrated from China to our country. For a long time, it became popular and became a traditional dish of the Tay-Nung people in Bac Kan. People often make dish of humiliation in the occasion of family having fun, holidays, weddings, etc.

Humiliation is the Chinese spelling of Vietnamese writing, and the pronunciation of Chinese is humiliation. "Suture" means - steamed to soft, "Dishonored" means - meat, if translated literally means meat meat, meat meat or meat. Depending on the locality, this dish also has other names such as "khau humiliation", "suffering humiliation", "lying khau". In addition, their names are derived from the way they are arranged on plates and shaped like a small, rising hill, so the Nung people call it "stitch" or hill.

2. Processing method

Prepare materials:

The main ingredients for making this dish include pork belly and taro Bac Bac. There are also fatty meat, shiitakes, wood ear ... This dish requires quite complex cooking techniques combined with many spices together:

About the meat:  Ideally the pig's 70kg- 80kg, meat is not too fat. Boiled meat; Use a bamboo toothpick to poke thoroughly, marinate seasoning and bring it back, turning it while scooping it with honey.

As for potatoes:  must be taro in Bac Kan; The inside of the potato is purple, frying yellow. Fillings: made of fat meat, shiitake mushrooms, wood ear, eggs, green beans ... sautéed.

Spices needed:  Ships' leaves - a salty vegetable used to make salty food of the Chinese and the Tay and Nung Bac Kan, washed thoroughly for the grit and salinity.


Shred the chopped leaves to make a kernel, then use spices including choong soy sauce, soy sauce, basil, crushed garlic and mix well into the leaves.

Arrange the bowl in turn: the  leaves of the ship look down, then arrange the taro with golden frying alternating with slices of meat about 1.5cm thick, on top of the meat bowl is covered with a layer of fillings. Then steam the water for 5 hours to soften the meat. When eating, turn the bowl overturned into a deep bowl or dish, so that the yellow skin of the piece of meat is displayed on top, hugging the whole person, looking very beautiful.

Dish with humiliation, meat is both lean and fat melted in the mouth and the flesh of green beans, taro and other spices intertwined, very fragrant, deliciously hard to describe.

Because of the hard work and inviting to get humiliation, the Tay Bac Kan people often make this dish only on traditional Tet occasions.