Sour shrimp specialties of the Tay people at Ba Be Lake

Ba Be Lake is located in Nam Mau Commune, Ba Be District, Bac Kan Province, about 230 km from Hanoi, the largest natural freshwater lake in Vietnam. Coming here, tourists not only enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, but also taste the specialties raised in the lake such as fish, shrimp and many other dishes such as hill chicken, greens, kitchen pigs, sausages, sausages, sticky rice upland, forest vegetables ...

If you spend the night in Pac Ngoi village, Bo Lu will be able to eat a traditional meal by the fire on the stilt house, try once to taste the famous pickled shrimp paste. Specialties of Ba Be sour shrimp made from fresh shrimp and upland rice, are processed by the villagers according to their own secret to have a special delicious taste, different from other places.

Sour shrimp specialties of the Tay people at Ba Be Lake

                                Shrimps are dried before draining in a salt jar

The process of making sour shrimp is very simple. However, in order for the dish to be delicious, the shrimp must be fresh and the upland rice with a characteristic aroma. Fresh shrimp caught in the lake are still dancing, after washing, they are dried in the sun to dry and shock through a turn of salt.

Cooked upland rice, mainly using ordinary rice, then allow to cool and mix well with leaf yeast. Additives that contribute to the attractiveness of the dish include garlic, chili, galangal each with a little crushing and slicing.

Then, people mix shrimp, rice and spices, put in a covered jar, depending on the weather, you can leave it 7-10 days for it to ripen, a sour smell can be used.

 At this time, according to each person's taste, add chili, sugar, monosodium glutamate ... The Tay here often eat sour shrimp with minced meat served with hot rice, pork leg or boiled pork with aromatic herbs such as cloves. , green bananas, figs ... Enjoy the sour shrimp in Ba Be lake amidst the peaceful scenery of the mountains, rivers and lakes, visitors will feel more delicious and feel the fatty taste of meat, spicy from garlic, chili, aroma. galangal with the sweet, sour taste of shrimp but very rich and separate.

Sour shrimp specialties of the Tay people at Ba Be Lake

                       Canned shrimps served tourists

Currently sour shrimp are the restaurants in Ba Be put on the menu to serve visitors. Sour shrimp are sold at Khang Ninh fair (on the way to visit Ba Be lake), Central Area of ​​Ba Be National Park, Ba Be boat dock and some houses along Ba Be Lake. Ba Be sour shrimp is not only a familiar dish of mountainous people in the lake but it is also known by many cross-tourists.