The taste of grilled fish among the immense Ba Be lake

TTO - Late summer, Ba Be still carries in itself a green color of thousands of mountains and forests. More specifically, coming here this season you can enjoy the delicious taste of grilled fish in the lake.

Baskets of fish with A-shaped fish skewers, each 4-5 stick with the size of a finger knuckle - Photo: Minh Thanh

I returned to Ba Be (Bac Kan) on a late summer day in a volunteer program to prepare the school year for children in Pac Ngoi village. After the simple gathering with the children, we also had a free time to visit Ba Be Lake.

The second time I went to Ba Be Lake, the flavors and colors of each dish were still around my mind.

As the largest freshwater lake in the North, located next to the typical limestone system of Cat To terrain, Ba Be Lake is blessed with abundant seafood and rich flora and fauna. Perhaps for that reason, many people come to Ba Be Lake mainly to enjoy the delicious fish and enjoy the cool atmosphere of this lake.

Among the fish caught in Ba Be Lake, a small anchovy (also called ditch) is favored by locals and tourists. There are peddlers everywhere on the dock, holding grilled fish baskets for tourists.

In Ba Be, people eat grilled fish as a snack. As soon as we got down to the wharf, the fast-paced fish sisters came out to greet us. Which man is fish, confectionery, bamboo shoots and other local specialties.

Fish were stolen in skewers, each skewed around a few. Charcoal stoves set along the slope of the lake with the Dao children quickly fanning the fire. Nothing for the morning yet, we swooped in a row of grilled fish. There are both steamed rice and baked eggs.

The passenger boat has just arrived, we put the fish in the newspapers to bring on the boat. You can sit on the boat while enjoying the view of Ba Be Lake and sip on grilled fish skewers. If you have a little chutney and a few cups of wine, your meal will be even more wonderful. 

The taste of grilled fish among the immense Ba Be lake
People fishing on the Nang River, right at the confluence of Ba Be Lake to serve tourists - Photo: VNA

Boats turned quickly on the lake. Occasionally there are little stork wings parked on the water to feed. In the distance, the men were throwing fishing nets on their simple boat.

The fish here are caught manually, using only nets and other simple tools. After a few days of drying, the dried fishes are placed in a basket. When the boat stopped at the Tien pond area, the children followed their mother, holding the basket to wrap their feet up.

On the island, only occasionally sporadically there are few tourists. Unlike on the dock, there are few passengers here; When someone asked, the new saleswomen quickly set a fire, fan grill fish.

Breakfast over an hour was still full but we wanted to sip something in this weather. Ba Be last summer is no longer hot, is located on high mountains so extremely cool.

The saleswoman quickly gave the fish basket to us. In addition to the eel skewers, there are also other fish, but the body is big, big bone, unlike the grouper can eat both head and tail. 

The saleswoman looked at us jokingly saying that many "greedy" customers chose big fish, so that when they grilled up, it took effort to remove the bones, but the fish meat was not as sweet as the small raceway.

The taste of grilled fish among the immense Ba Be lake
Just baked! - Photo: CTV

The fish here are not fishy like river fish, sea fish, when ripe are dark yellow, the meat is fragrant, sweet and firm. The freshly grilled fish still smells of smoke.

We leisurely watched the face of the emerald Fairy Pond and made a few fish skewers. After finishing up, I still see the craving, still smells of fish floating somewhere.

Besides fish, grilled shrimp is also a specialty of the lake area. The shrimps are exposed and then brought on grilled skewers, the taste is as good as the ditches. If you buy on a skewer, the price is about 10,000 VND / skewer shrimp or fish.

We bought the whole bag as a gift for family and friends, quickly paid a few sentences with the seller and then bought it for 80,000-100,000 VND / kg. That is the general price of this area already.

No need to be too picky, the fish are already dried, so just wrap them in a newspaper and then seal them in plastic bags. If it's okay to eat for a few days, it won't spoil the whole week.

The taste of grilled fish among the immense Ba Be lake
The fragrant fish skewers just fragrant - Photo: CTV

In the last days of summer, the cool atmosphere of Ba Be Lake is like captivating many visitors when coming to this place. Our car rolled away from the boat yard, bringing the delicious but rustic cuisine of Ba Be Lake to Hanoi.

People are right, food is like the soul of the people who make it. Ba Be grilled fish is as simple and strong as the people living on this lake